flowers meanings

Flower Color Meanings
There are many different color traditions and these can be affected by culture, function, application etc. The following is a general rule of thumb in regard to choosing the right colored flowers to portray the correct sentiment.
You can base your color choice on traditional associations or scientific choices.
Traditional Color Choice
These traditional color choices mainly apply to roses but may also be applied to other flower types. This may be further examined by looking at the different meaning of different flower types taking into account the color as well.
flower colors
Red Rose
Red roses
mean romantic love
Purple Roses
Purple roses
signify that the giver has fallen in love with the recipient at first sight.
Coral and orange roses
Coral and orange roses
signal desire.
Yellow roses
Yellow roses
are joy and friendship.
Pink roses
Pink roses
express our gratitude and appreciation.
Light pink roses
Light pink roses
show feelings of admiration and sympathy.
Peach rose
Peach Rose
is more indefinite, as it can signify either sympathy or gratitude.
White roses
White roses
show meaning of reverence and humility.
 Scientific Color Choice

People respond to different colors in different ways, and these responses take place on a subconscious, emotional level. Specific colors have different effects on the human brain:

Black flower
self-confidence, power, strength
Blue flower
calming, lowers blood pressure
Green flower
soothing, relaxing mentally as well as physically, helps those suffering from depression, anxiety, nervousness
Violet flower
provides a peaceful environment
Pink flower
relaxes, relieves tension, soothing
Yellow flower
energizes, relieves depression
Orange flower
energizes, stimulates
Red flower
stimulates brain wave activity, increases heart rate, respirations and blood pressure

Bad Foods That Are Actually Great for Your Waist…

Ice cream…
Good news for ice cream lovers: A recent Swedish study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that women who have at least one serving of full-fat dairy products a day gain less weight than women who don’t. Researchers aren’t entirely sure why, but it’s believed that a compound in milk fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) may aid weight loss.
Not all studies support the dairy-aids-weight-loss claim. But Gluck feels there’s more evidence for than against, even if full-fat dairy’s secret is simply that it’s more satisfying. “Many women find that low-fat versions of dairy products like ice cream and cheese just aren’t satisfying,” she says, “so they may eat a lot of them—downing hundreds of calories in the process, trying to fulfill their craving—when just a little bit of the full-fat stuff would have done the trick.”
Best way to enjoy it: Have a little cheese, ice cream, or a glass of milk each day. “You really can’t go wrong with that,” Gluck says. “Dairy should be part of your diet, whether you’re trying to shed pounds or not. You need the calcium to maintain strong bones. And the vitamin D and CLA in milk both have cancer-fighting properties.”
Watch out for: Fat intake. Remember that full-fat dairy products do contain saturated fat, Gluck says, so it’s best to limit yourself to two servings daily—and to make your third serving a low-fat or skim choice.









After years of being barred from the average American diet, things are looking sunny-side up for eggs. According to a study from Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, overweight women who eat egg breakfasts lose twice as much weight as women who start their days with bagels. Researchers say the protein in eggs increases satiety and decreases hunger, helping women eat fewer calories throughout the day. “Eggs are a perfect protein source because they have all eight essential amino acids,” Grotto says. “And recent research debunks the idea that they have adverse effects on the heart.”
Best way to enjoy them: Try ’em for breakfast. This is the ideal time for getting the proven fill-you-up benefits the rest of the day. Besides, it takes only a couple of minutes to scramble an egg. Work a hard- or soft-boiled egg into lunch, too, by adding it to a spinach salad. Or make an omelet or veggie frittata with two to three egg whites to every one yolk to keep the calories low (whites have just 16 calories, while whole eggs have 72 each). For more ideas, go to Health.com/eggs.
Watch out for: Eggs served at restaurants. Even an egg-white omelet is likely to be fried in butter or oil unless you ask that it be prepared with cooking spray. And like pizza, beware of any egg dish that’s smothered in cheese. If you’re craving more flavor, add some herbs or salsa.


Children and sports: Choices for all ages…  

What are age-appropriate activities?

Regardless of your child’s age, he or she will show some natural preferences. Some children love the water from the first splash, while others react with fear. Some get a charge out of rough-and-tumble games; others dislike the shoves and bumps. You may have been the star of your football team, but your child may prefer dancing, and that’s just fine.

Children don’t need organized athletics to develop athletic skills or to get physical activity. “A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to include sports,” says Edward Laskowski, M.D., co-director of the Sports Medicine Clinic at Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minn. “It’s more important that your child is involved in some sort of physical activity, whether it’s hiking and biking with the family or playing pickup baseball or basketball with the neighborhood kids.”

Every child develops at a different rate. It’s best to work within your child’s maturity and skill level.

Ages 2 to 3
Very young kids are beginning to master many basic movements — running, catching, jumping — and they’re too young for most types of structured exercise. Try:

  • Running and walking, in a yard or playground
  • Swinging on a yard or playground set
  • Supervised water play
  • Toddler gymnastics classes led by professionals
  • Tumbling

Ages 4 to 6

  • Dancing
  • Games such as hopscotch or tag
  • Jumping rope
  • Playing catch with a lightweight ball
  • Riding a tricycle or a bike with training wheels

After age 6, children’s motor skills and sense of safety improve. Your child may also be ready for team sports.

Ages 7 to 10

  • Baseball
  • Gymnastics
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Biking

Age 10 and up

  • Carefully supervised weight training
  • Organized team sports
  • Rowing
  • Running and track and field events
  • Softball

When it comes to organized sports, make sure your child really wants to play. Never force a child to participate or join a team. Also consider your child’s schedule. Children who are already signed up for music lessons and the school play may feel overwhelmed if athletics are added to the mix.

The source is :www.nlm.nih.gov/medlinplus/exerciseforchildren.html

10 Reasons to eat chocolate after dinner… 

It’s an easy-to-achieve goal:Make a to-do list every morning that includes”eat some chocolate”.Even if your day was a complete disaster and you have not achieved anything,having some chocolate after dinner means you can tick one thing on your list.Eaten a piece?OK,now you’re an achiever.Aren’t you proud of yourself?It is    healthy:Chocolate also contains iron and   magnesium.Research has shown that chocolate can reduce the incidence of cancer and heart disease,so eat up.And if anybody out there doesn’t believe the research,conduct your own studies.Count me in as one of your volunteers.

It’s good for digestion:Chocolate is made of cacao beans,beans are full of fibre and fibre is good-for the digestion.Just what you need after your meal.

It is better than coffee:So you usually have a cup of coffee after a meal.At night,this will only hamper your beauty sleep.Chocolate contains far less caffeine than coffee,so skip the cuppa and go for the slabba.

It’s good for your family:Chocolate contains phenyl ethlamine.(Don’t worry,I can’t pronounce it either.)However.this I know:it makes you feel good,happy and have more patience and this is good for your spouse and children.

It’s a safety blanket for grown-ups:No matter how bad your day was,how unappreciated you feel,chocolate will always be there for you.It won’t judge,criticise,tell you what you should or shouldn’t have done.It will just offer you smooth,rich,sweet,slightly bitter,familiar comfort.

It’s a dessert-on-the-go:If you’re in a hurry,chocolate is the perfect dessert.You can eat it while you check your e-mails,sort the laundry or vacuum the floor!Try doing that with steamed pudding and custard.

The glue of friendship:Entire scrapbooks should be dedicated to reflecting all the emotions-love and heartbreak-shared with a friend after dinner over chocolate.It could be a slab of chocolate,a chocolate bar,a cup of hot chocolate,chocolate covered nuts or marshmallows dipped in chocolate.And for the health conscious,fresh fruit dipped in chocolate.

It helps you get organised:So you’ve been threatening to organise your kitchen cupboards for months now?Start tonight,Straight after dinner.Start with the shelf where you store the chocolate.Eat it.Make space.See,over-achieving again.Have some more.

I read this article in Friday magazine..written by Riani DE wet,is an English teacher at the British Council,Dubai…

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10 things people always lie about……..

About lying:It is the first thing everyone lies about(that they don’t lie).Don’t get me wrong, people would prefer not to lie but even Pinocchio had his days.

A gift:From childhood we are taught to say,”Thank you for the gift.Ireally like it”.Only the extremely cold-hearted would open a gift box and say how they really feel about the ugly porcelain shoe inside.

Friend’s new hairstyle:Even though it’s obvious she now resembles Marge Simpson,oyu can’t help but conceal the truth with a smile.I know lying to a friend is wrong,but it’s preferable to saying the truth, Which may actually ruin,if not end, your friendship.

Work-related issues:This lot of lies are told by those who want to get out of sticky situations.These are what I’d like to call white lies-it’s more like bending the truth.

“I didn’t do it”:This is probably one of the most commcn lies.You may think you will get over it by the age of four but realise it becomes more handy as oyu grow older.

Weight:Somehow people always stick to a close range whether they are slim or overwieght.Why say the truth when you can save yourself from those “You’ll lose it easily”or”You need to eat more”comments?

Salary:Job applicants always lie about how much they’re earning during a job interview.Anyway,it makes sense because the higher your imaginary salary,the better the chances of getting something closer to what you think you’re worth.

The Bogeyman:Parents always lie about The Bogeyman to get thier children yo sleep.If The Bogeyman is too oldfashioned,it’ll be some pther monster coming to get you.You will also find yourself lying about the fact that you actually trouble your child this way-and not regret it a bit.

Brides:They are always beautiful.Aren’t they?Of course,they are unless you want to cause a mascara run.You don’t have to tell her that the blush is overdone or that the foundation is a shade too pale.Just smile and let her glow;after all,it’s her big day.

Shopping spend:A woman will never reveal how much she spent on a handbag which looks like an old flour sack,just as a guy would never reveal how much it really cost him to have all those modifications done to his car…


It’s written by”Asma Ali” is an account manager at Etisalat,Dubai….

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I want to start this blog with this article which is about success hoping the success to my blog…. 


For most people, public speaking is the number one fear in their lives.In fact,it even ranks above death!Dan Zak meets a few experts who suggest how you can conquer this phobia and move ahead in life……..

secrets to success

*Get enough sleep.   

*Get there early .The worst thing to do is to arrive at your location without time to set up or settle down.

*know your material and know your audiece.If you have done your homework,regardless of the nature of your performance ,you won’t be worried about being “found out”.It’s also good to meet a few members of the audience beforehand so you have familiar faces to adress.

*Do something that relaxesyou before you’re in the hot seat. Listen to music right before you go onstage.Or play golf earlier in the day .

*Hydrate yourself ,since stess makes your mouth dry .But not with coffee(makes you jittery),soda(makes you burp)or milk (makes you phlegmy).Have water at the lectern if your mouth tends to dry quickly .

Last- minute Checklist

You’re about to be introduced.The microphone beckons you like an overzealous dance partner.Here are a few things to consider before you tango with a crowed:

* Breath deeply.Slow yourself down. Remind yourself:you’re not in danger .”physically,the one thing I learned is to breath, because when we’re nervous we naturally start taking more shallow breathes,”says Todd McDermott,a local TV news anchor in Washington.”It sounds so simple ,but if you remember to do it .not only does it keep oxygen flowing to your brain ,it keeps you rushing.

*Know the firt tow lines of what you’re going to say ,says Peter Pober, coach of the Georhe Mason Univercity forensics team in Faifax, Virginia.”You can absolutely nearly eliminate stage fright if you memorise the first tow lines you eant to come out of your mouth ,”he says .But remember: memorising a whole speech word for word is a bad thing .

*Direct your first line to the centre of the crowed ,Pober adds .That way .you’ll be hooking the most people right of the bat .

*Control the start and the finishyourself. Yhe words don’t have to rush out right when you reach the microphone, and you don’t have to rush off as soon as you’re done .

*View the audience as friends and allies,not an army of sceptics or dummies.”some people say .’look at the audience and diminish them or demean them’, and I think that’s really ridiculous,Goldberg says .”Visualise them as good friends who are going to enjoy this”.

Damage Control

The panic is starting to snowball.you can feel your face flush. Before the catecholamines start racing,try these things:

*Just pause .Take a minute to collect yourself instead of trying to stumble out of the awkwardness .Chances are the pause won’t even register with the audience as a mistake…

*….So just let the mistakes go.”The audience doesn’t expect you to br perfect ,so don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself “,says stand-up comic Matt Kazam ,who recommends tossing up a selfdeprecating comment to ease the tension.

*Refer to a visual command.Rubin has his students paste a sticky note by their speech or on the lectern that they can refer to as a prompt to distract themselves from,well,themselves .The note can say “slow” or”calm”, or whatever will re-centre their attension.


Los Angeles times-Washington post

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